When the world went on lockdown, various conventions had to cancel due to the pandemic. The Idea was to build a virtual event for fans to attend from the comfort and safty of their home. I helped launch the first event in 2020 and working on the third event for 2022. This project is an example of my work in UX Design.

The key to putting a virtual event together was the UX in mind. Part of the process where surveys and researching other attempts in the virtual event space. It was decided to make it easier for the user, we made to sure keep it to a three click maximum to access panels and other content. To minimize cost we tested various video streams. Finally, we decided to limit panel times from 45 to 90 minutes. This helped keep the Users engaged and participate in the panels they wanted to veiw. It was our answer to the all day streams that other various shows started to do. In the end we kept the UX in mind. Preping for the 2022 show, we sent out surveys to see what users liked and didn't like about the 2021 show. We also included vendors and panlist in the survey to gage their experince. Also to keep users engaged we turned the Inbeon youtube channel into an on demand library for users. You can go to to veiw all 2021 panels and get updates for the 2022 show. To see the panels and work put into the 2020 show click here.



I was contracted by Harrison & Shriftman to come in and help design Alcon's booth for Beautycon 2019. The key concept was to make sure that it was easy to move from station to station and that it emphasizd beauty to the attendess.

The concept was to create the booth with beauty as the concept. The booth needed to have enough space for guest to walk through. Each station was designed with a speific color pallet to let guest know that they were in a diffrent section and station. Example, the purple station was supposed to be the make-up artist section. The white section was for contact lense technicians. A table was set up in the back to display Alcons product with a wall in the top right for guest to take pictures and post on social media. The key concept was to make it easy for guest to come into the booth and flow in and out through one exit and entrance. A closet was set up on the top left on the floor plan for Alcon representatives to store products they were using for the weekend. Click here to view pictures on Harrison & Shriftman Instagram



Wayward Raven hired me to help with developing a commercial for kickstarer. From the font to the music and work with one of their teammembers during the design sprint we were able to achieve this commercial.

The goal was to gain new viewers. We had tested audio tracks and used diffrent font options to see what would work for the trailer. Random action scenes had been chosen from the previous comics and mixed with some of the new comic panels. This was done to avoid spoiling the art with in the comic. On launch the kickstarter made its goal within a day and was fully funded. The commercial debuted on the Nerds of the Round podcast and was used to promote on other social media platforms.

Comcast UX Researcher

I worked with Comcast/Xfinity's UX and HR departments in 2022 on a project to collect data

regarding the in-person and virtual hiring process. The goal was to help improve the virtual process and to

see how the company would structure the in-person interview after Covid.

To collect our data we contacted recent candidates that had interviewed virtually.

We collected the data from 5 questions we asked them. After compiling the data the UX team decided not

to move on to phase two because of the data collected. Phase two was supposed to be a small in-person

focus group. Because a majority of candidates preferred virtual interviews, the company decided

to hold off in-person interviews and use the data collected to improve the virtual process.