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Hi, my name is Sebastian Bonet. I am a Fullsail alumni, content creator and UX designer that has worked on various freelance projects. My goal has always been to help create content for users to enjoy from the comfort of their home and on the go. Learning about UX design, I decided to incorporate my years in customer service and combine it with my experience as a content creator to provide platforms that are easy for users to stay connected and network during the pandemic. I was able to push on with an ambitious project that saw growth in sales and attendance numbers with Inbeon as a freelance contractor, that project being Inbeoncon. 

Pre-pandemic I worked in sales and customer care. I have always made it a priority to assist users regarding the product they purchased was the right fit for their needs and helped them when they ran into an issue. I used these opprotunities to come up with ways to help future users avoid problems and help finely tune systems. My goal was to provided users with white glove experience and help them understand how tech can benefit them. Utilizing my sales experience I dived into content creation when I self published my comic Deadplanet in 2016. Attending various cons and networking events, I was able to build a network of creators and industry professionals.

Since then I have been attached to various projects including launching the Nerds of the Round Podcast, working on designing the Alcon beauty con booth, running three conventions and various other projects that I can disclose overtime. Working within the cable industry and utilizing platforms during the pandemic has created a new drive to help technically inclined users and create new virtual platforms for people to stay connected.

If you feel that I am the right fit for your organization, I can't wait to speak to you and brain storm new ways to help your business grow.


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Education / Certificates

  • Full Sail University  Graduate 2019
  • Workshop In Business 2016 Alumni